The Solution

The solution to investing ourselves into the poorhouse is not the sale of another product. Breakthroughs are the result of a break from old ways of thinking and behaving. Our coaching process starts with the discovery of how markets actually work. Like balance in riding a bicycle there is not substitute understanding how markets actually work. If an investor is to be empowered, free to choose, and at peace with their investment decisions they need to understand how markets set prices and generates returns. Until that time, investors are vulnerable to a good story, be it a story someone else is telling you or a story you are telling yourself. Make no mistake about these stories will have you making decisions that are in conflict with your financial security.

The other discovery that is a part of our coaching process is the discovery of your life’s purpose. We call it your true purpose for money, but it is actually the true purpose for your life. Most people would agree that money can’t buy you happiness. Freedom, fulfillment, love, generosity are amongst some of the world’s most powerful and meaningful purposes. When you align your life’s purpose with how your investing you start experiencing today the life you thought money would make possible some day, but never could.